Friday, June 29, 2007

Good News!

You can tell by the dates on the blog that if we have been in a slump of bad news I don't type much. I don't want to bog anyone down with depressing typing.

But today I received good news, so here I am!

On a phone call from my preacher's wife she informed me that our missionary friends in Rwanda met with the sisters at the orphanage and after much discussion the have agreed to let us adopt infants! This is a huge blessing in so many ways. The sisters really wanted us to adopt babies 1 year or older because they have so many (around 40) but we had our hearts set on bonding with a younger child. They have around 20 babies that are 6 months old or younger and that is the group that our friends will choose from.

Praise the Lord! With all this rain I was feeling a little down and needed a pick-me-up.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blessings pour down

Today the blessings poured down and filled up my van! A very generous friend has passes down more baby stuff than I have seen in a while! She is amazing, her generosity is amazing and not having to freak out every time I walk through the baby department guessed it...amazing!

Car seat---Check
Bouncy seat--Check
Thingy that keeps them away from basket cooties at Wal-Mart--Check
Bottles, binkeys, sippy cups and stuff to dry them on--Check
Changing Table & pad--Check
Johnny Jump Up--Check
Diaper bags, sling, and boxes of things that will save me money for months--CHECK!

Baby--Well....hopefully soon!

I hope this person understands that I would love her even if she gave me nothing but a smile. She rocks!

Having all of this stuff is starting to make it seem real, but honestly, I'm not ready to go there in my heart yet.

Oh, more good stuff!!

Some of you have heard me talk about this awesome 9 year old girl who has been sweeping porches to help us raise money. Well, I met her today and she is so sweet you could just eat her up! Her and her sister and I think some friends around the neighborhood have been washing cars, re-filling runners water bottles, and selling rocks (that's what her 4 year old sis told me!). Today she presented me with $48! How awesome is that?! I am moved beyond words. What a truly special and heartfelt gesture, and from a 9 year old! She is a blessing and I pray that God blesses her richly.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday June 18

The word of the day is HARD. Adoption is HARD. That word keeps popping up today in different conversations. It's no wonder people don't do this more often. Here is a brief rundown of where we are in the process:

Friday we went in for our last set of fingerprints at INS. Yes, this is the same stuff that DHS did, but you have to do them again. So we are anywhere from 30-60 days from getting the piece of paper that says we can identify our child.

Today we went in got our 2nd set of shots. We should be cootie free for the rest of our lives!

We also found out that there is a letter we are suppose to have that we don't have and blah blah the emails get started and begging continues. Hopefully this will be fixed quickly and will be no biggie.

Fundraising has been slightly disappointing, but we have complete faith that God will provide.

Waiting is Hard, paper work is Hard, being emotionally stressed all the time is Hard, not knowing is Hard. But I have a bigger fear of standing before Jesus and telling him I quit because it was too hard; and then him holding out his hands. This is nothing compared to what he did for me. I will keep on keepin' on as my mama always says.

Thanks to those of you who are praying for us. Please don't stop.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

June 5th

Ahhh...peace and quiet. Nothing quite like a Disney movie to turn the kids into zombies for 90minutes! Between Happy Feet and my hubby being out of town it's almost blissful! Not that I don't love my sweet husband, but dang, how much togetherness can one couple take? I know even as witty and beautiful as I am, I can get a little abrasive after a while. No one told me how much of an adjustment having him home every day was going to be. It leaves something to be desired and retirement scares the poop out of me.

On the upside, I am so spoiled with my built in babysitter and freedom to run to Wal-Mart sans kids that if he ever goes back to a "real" job....I'm doomed.

Paige asked the other day "daddy, where do you work?" He said "Wal-Mart". She said "No daddy, you shop at Wal-Mart, you can't work there!". That girl cracks me up.

On the adoption front, we are just waiting for our fingerprints at INS. They are scheduled for the 15th of June. This is our last step! After we pass the test we have already taken (fingerprints) they will give us a form that allows us to identify an orphan. At that point we will contact our missionary friends in Rwanda and they will head over to the Home of Hope and pick out Ethan!

Please be in prayer for the birth mother and the safety of Ethan. My prayer is that he has no trauma before he gets to the Home of Hope. That he is not left on the streets or left anywhere for several days, but that he is immediately taken to the orphanage and taken care of. I pray that he is emotionally and physically cared for and maybe even favored by the nuns until I can get there. Please pray for him.

I'm off to go snuggle with the kiddos. When daddy is away we all sleep together!
Much love!