Friday, May 16, 2008

{ Smart Boy }

Conversation between Davis and me this morning:

Davis: "Hey mom, today is Margarita day."

Me: "What?" (It's only 7am and the baby was up a good portion of the night)

Davis: "You know, it's Friday. Margarita Day."


Saturday, May 3, 2008

{ Pretty in Pink, or orange, or blue...}

Paige and I had a girls morning with NO BOYS ALLOWED! We went to TJMaxx and then over to "the salon" as Paige called it and she had her first mani/pedi!

I think picking out the nail polish was her favorite part. She finally settled for electric blue and sparkly orange that the girl painted in a 'pattern' (thank you pre-K). Then the girl added some glittery flowers and Paige danced out the door with a smile bigger than Texas.

Isn't she a diva in training!?!

Even mama got her piggies scraped and painted, but that's one thing I do not want to post on the Internet!