Wednesday, October 29, 2008

{ Knock Knock Night }

We had tons of fun getting dressed up for church tonight. I'll have more pictures soon of the boys.

I was dressed as a freaky hairdresser. Just in case you had to ask!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

{ Mean People Suck }

Once upon a time I had the above phrase proudly displayed on the back of my full sized Chevy Blazer.

Today I was reminded that the above statement is true.

Somewhere in between checking out from Party Galaxy and attempting to check out at Old Navy, my wallet was stolen.

Nothing quite like the panic, tight chested, can't breathe feeling when you were just moments ago, pumped at buying a new tank top for $1.97.

Pity the fool that stole the wallet since I had already been to the mall and the cash was gone.

What they do have is my drivers license, debit card, Sam's card, Kohl's card, and a handful of random points cards to places like Ulta and PetCo.

All the good cards have been canceled and tomorrow I'll head to the DMV to smile pretty for a new licence.

It's so violating and just plain icky to think that someone has my personal information and my stuff.

Why is it that even at the ripe ole age of 30, all I want to do is stomp my foot and yell "gimmeitbackthat'smine!"?