Saturday, February 23, 2008

{Brown eyed Boy}

Could you say "no" to this face? He's so cute I could just eat him!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


It is hard work being so cute every day!

{Five Brothers}

Here they are in our first "family" picture. It was harder that we thought to get them all to sit still, but it's so good to see them together outside of the orphanage.

They don't know it yet, but these boys will always have a connection to eachother. My prayer is that they will keep in contact and will be able to not only sit around and talk about how we as parents screwed them up, but also find strength with the tough questions that will arise.

They are each so unique and beautiful and I love them each as if they were my own.

Bizi, Benjamin, Nicolas, Nate, and Zack

{Birthday Boy}

Our sweet Bizi turned one Jan. 14th. I'm a little slow getting picture up!

The big kids decided he needed a party at Chuck E. Cheeses, so that's where we went!

He had a great time eating the cupcake but was way more interested in the sights and sounds of every thing around us.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!